July 14 - El Centro, CA

Om Centered

What if 6 Hours focused on 3 Core Practices could drastically improve how you live your daily life?

Join me and my incredible co-presenters Jennifer Choi and Brittany Morgan for a day of self-exploration, learning and fun! We’ll dive into meditation, nutrition and yoga with a focus on Energy Management.

Are you tired... of being tired?

Are you drowning in what seems like a never-ending to-do list?

So many of us work long hours, work overtime and even take some work home with us. We take care of the needs of our loved ones before we even think about our own, and each day we give family and work our all. And then repeat. It’s exhausting.

I’ve been there.

We go to bed with so much on our minds that it’s hard to fall asleep without turning to medications or some other form of aid. Then, we wake up unmotivated, and trudge through our day turning to cup after cup of coffee and pills to ease the headaches (or other pain) that inevitably show up.

We’re simply getting by (if we’re getting through the day at all).

And everyone can see it. 

That feeling as if the tiniest mishap will send us over the edge… our coworkers, our friends, our families can all see it in our expressions and behavior. We’re easily agitated, always stressed and never fully present. Say at dinner? ..if we make it home in time for that.

What about Joy and Excitement?

We increase our level of happiness when we align our thoughts, and actions with something we believe in, such as a specified life purpose. What is your purpose? For some it’s about raising a happy and healthy family, for others its about other forms of success such as a career, and developing fruitful relationships. There are many other reasons, and they vary from person to person. When we are in alignment to these goals we prevent setbacks to our health and our circumstances. In other words, we are centered.

It’s far too easy to get caught up in the grind and forget the reasons why we do what we do in the first place. What would be our answer if we were to ask why we work in our field or why we invest so much time in our specific ventures? In that regard, to know ourselves first and foremost is part of the solution. This means honing certain skills to navigate through our thoughts so that we may find the answers to life changing questions, and this requires time.

In addition to re-energizing ourselves, a retreat is time we dedicate to find critical answers for ourselves. It’s a time where we learn and practice new tools to integrate, for the purpose of increasing our quality of living and being. A retreat can be anywhere between a simple staycation or a lavish trip to a resort, or a tourist destination.

When was the last time you...

  • Woke up feeling fully energized and looking forward to your day? 
  • Woke up feeling rested?
  • Went to bed feeling at peace?
  • Sat down at your desk and felt clear headed?
  • Had a vacation?
  • Felt Joy and Excitement?

Here's what we think

Taking care of our basic needs allows us to feel centered
and enhances our ability to accomplish our goals.

We want you to experience:

  • Having restful sleep
  • Being excited about your day
  • Being healthier in your mind and body
  • Having a clear mind and focus
  • Having more patience
  • Having and enjoying the company of friends and family
  • Improved management of your time and resources 

Sound Good?

Om Centered

Sunday, July 14 - El Centro, CA

Fairfield Inn & Suites, Marriott, Conference Room 2.
503 E Danenberg Dr, El Centro, CA 92243

Our first Om Centered retreat, is a six hour exploration of tools on getting to know yourself. We will expand on the topic of energy management. We will break down the questions of “how we think, how we move, and how and what we consume?” These questions are integral components to the quality of our energy. By investing in any form of retreat we allow ourselves to re-align our thoughts and actions to our purpose. This retreat is taking time to regain our center, and strengthen our ability to accomplish our individual life goals.

This Mini Retreat is for you

  • Even if you’ve never done a single yoga stretch
  • Even if you’ve never meditated a second in your life
  • Even if your last nutrition class was in grade school

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Retreat Details

Day Schedule

10:00-12:00 How We Think by Manuel Falcon Padua 
10:30 Guided Meditation + Intention Basic Yoga 
11:00 Meditation Is For Me: Awareness 
11:30 Purpose, Goals, and Tools

12:00-2:00 How and What we Consume 
12:00 Catered Lunch + Energy Observation 
12:00-1:00 Nutrition Consumption 
1:00-2:00 Information Consumption by Jennifer Choi

2:00-3:30 How We Move by Brittany Morgan 
2:00 Buti Yoga 
2:45 Yin Yoga

3:30-4:00 Q & A 
4:00-4:30 Closing

Topics & Learning Objectives

  • Tools for stress management
  • Optimizing your energy use
  • Identifying purpose
  • Improved Self-care regimen
  • Reiki energy
  • Pros and cons of consumption
  • Have fun with mindful movement

About the Presenters

Manuel Padua

I’m a Reiki Teacher that is obsessed with Behavioral Science. There had been key experiences that shaped me into who I am today. Some of these life changing events include the untimely passing of love ones, living in my car for over a year, and having to navigate through a series of broken hearts and promises. In each circumstance I had to reflect on the roles I played, review any regrets that I held on to, and ultimately decide to move forward and forgive.

Meditation helped to align my efforts towards healing, wellness, and contribution. Murakami states “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.” I choose to share the practice of self-reflection, and energy management so that we may sharpen our tool of discernment in a life filled with adversity and blessings.

“Suffering ceases to be suffering once you find meaning behind it.” – Viktor Frankl

Jennifer Choi

I’ve been practicing meditation for over seven years now, from Reiki, Vipassana, Open-Heart, and mindful meditation. I enjoy being an Agile Coach and Technical Program Manager at a publicly traded entertainment company. I’ve shared my meditation practice while employed at Disney and Sony.

I’ve also taught meditation to my now seven year old daughter since she was three years old. Children pick it up quickly, empowering them to have confidence, focus, and to understand the concepts of self-love. These are pivotal tools that will forever be useful in their life.

It brings me so much joy to share my healing practices, especially meditation, to anyone interested or just curious. They helped me overcome my traumatic life experiences and day-to-day stressors. Meditation change my life by helping me learn how to realize my power, self-love, change old habits that no longer served me, and live with purpose.  

Brittany Morgan

Here is a little bit about my yoga journey.

I was 21 years old and living a fast paced life; slowly coming undone I was in need of something to bring me back together. I found yoga. I began with a very slow paced “senior’s” class once a week then made a jump to Bikram every morning, and fell in love somewhere in-between the slow breath and the hot intense flow.

My personal teaching style evolved over an eight year period from finding strength in power Vinyasa Flows to finding peace and openness in the stillness of Yin Yoga and unleashing the inner divine strength in Buti Yoga. Life is about balance and I work to bring that into all my yoga teachings, as well as in my own personal practice.

My life motto is “you can only be as enlightened as you are grounded.” I want to help people heal from the inside out, to reconnect you with your body, and through this connection finding your personal balance.

“Manny made the environment extremely welcoming and his reiki practice was gentle to where I was able to relax. I felt physical sensations that were very relevant to my current condition, most significantly around my head and stomach. There is no other feeling like it.”

Jerrid H.
Unlimited Promotions Group Co-founder, Santa Clarita

“Jennifer is a very passionate coach that firmly believes in her teachings and shows it through every aspect of her daily life.  Which is why her teachings are so impactful. I recognize that I am a stubborn person and very hard set on my ways. However, Jenn is able to reach deep down into my being and impart her lessons to me in a way that I can understand and most importantly apply.  She is able to do this because she takes the time to understand me and tailor her teachings specifically to me. There is no guessing or generalization. Only authenticity. Whether it is a one on one or in a group environment, Jennifer is able to engage with each individual, connect with their situation, and then show them the tools that are available to enhance their quality of life.  When life gets a bit to intense or the stressors at work start to pile up, the first tool I reach for is meditation. A gift which was imparted to me by Jennifer, and I am truly grateful and blessed to have received it.”

Paul Manzano
Law Firm IT Specialist, Los Angeles

“Brittany Morgan helped me take yoga to the next step. I had been doing yoga for a year as a means to gain flexibility and do some stretching. With Brittany’s guidance, my practice has been significantly enhanced with her directions on proper pose placement and breathing. So inspired, I’ve actually engaged Brittany’s services outside the class for Soul Alignment.”

Tami Piscotty
Grants and Housing Manager, Westminster CA

Join Us for Om Centered

We understand that your time and money are precious. Investing both to join us at Om Centered takes a large commitment on your part. We all have been in that precarious situation where our mental, emotional and physical health are easily put aside to take care of our families and further our careers. Myself, Jennifer and Britney are asking you to take 6 (and a half) hours out of your Sunday to learn with us and people just like you.

We are committed to giving you the tools to:

  • Start your day rested and rejuvenated and end your day with calm and peace
  • Minimize if not eliminate your daily stress and anxiety
  • Increase patience, mental clarity and focus
  • Build awareness between your mental, physical and emotional states and leverage that awareness to meet your daily obligations and accomplish your goals
  • Regularly and Intentionally bring yourself to a state of Joy and Excitement
  • And more.


Specify any restrictions on the sign up form.

As part of providing the best environment and amenities for the retreat, we make financial commitments to third parties for services our team is unable to provide directly. Thus we do NOT offer refunds for our retreats. We ask that you be clear and certain in making the commitment to join us.

You may choose not to participate at any time. Alternative poses will be presented but are not mandatory to be followed if they are a health risk to you.

Early arrival is highly encouraged.

We will provide a meal that takes into account everyone’s dietary restrictions.

It’s how we remain mindful of where we invest our energy to which it either gives us energy back or only drains us. It’s a conscious practice of making sure you are happy about where you spend your time and energy. 

No prior experience is needed. We will guide everyone through the program 

Please bring a yoga mat, a towel, and a phone (any digital device to take notes with.

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Fairfield Inn & Suites, Marriott, Conference Room 2.
503 E Danenberg Dr, El Centro, CA 92243

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