Om Centered

An Energy Management Event

Early Bird Pricing Ends June 30th

A one day mini retreat focusing on unlocking inner potential through managing personal energy.

Welcome to Mannyfest Design!

I’m Manuel, otherwise known as Manny. I love sharing my meditation practice as it has been key to shaping my mindset, values, and purpose. For over ten years I have explored energy management and discovered that meditation is just as transformational for others as it has been for me, and it can also be for you.

We manifest our dreams, and ideas by having a deeper love and connection with our mind, body, and spirit. We achieve this by being mindful of how we use our energy. All are about cyclical consumption, and creation of energy, and based on our habits we create a lack or an abundance of it. We increase self-love by building this greater self-awareness. 

How often do you feel drained, and conversely, how often do you feel energized? By reflecting on the way we think, the ways we are able to move, and the state of both our nutritional and informational consumption, we find the answers we seek.

Manuel Falcon Padua

Reiki Teacher


“I had a great experience and I highly recommend working with Manny. He ensured that I was comfortable during my first reiki session. He answered all my questions. I like that he was attentive to creating a safe atmosphere.”

Jean-luc K.

Disney Business Analyst,
Los Angeles

“Manny’s reiki was very powerful! Even though it was distance reiki, I could feel the energy as soon as the session started. I felt a shift in my own energy towards the issues I was having. It was a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend working with Manny for a reiki session. “

Aarti K.

Aura Crystals CEO, India

“Manny, your reiki healing is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! I cannot thank you enough for your blessings! “

Sean C.

T-Mobile Branch Manager, California